Mike Hudack

My name is Mike Hudack. I live in London with my wife Caroline and our daughter Marla Mae. I grew up in Connecticut, dropped out of high school, lived in New York for more than a decade and then San Francisco for almost four years before moving to London. I've worked in various roles in technology for most of my life.

I currently lead product for Friend Sharing at Facebook. Friend Sharing is responsible for the content you find on Facebook that doesn't come from businesses or celebrities. Prior to Friend Sharing I led the Facebook Ads product management team in the days immediately following the IPO through the end of 2015. Prior to Facebook I founded Blip, an online video service which is now part of the Walt Disney Corporation.

You can e-mail me by combining my first and last names like so: "mikehudack" and then sending to that address at Google's mail service. Or you can just send me a note via Facebook Messenger or LinkedIN.