Mike Hudack

My name is Mike Hudack. I'm interested in people, politics, music, and many other things. I tend to become obsessed about things until I feel like I understand them.

I'm a high school dropout. I once sat next to Kay Ryan on a plane. We started talking and she told me I was an auto-didact. It's a label that works for me.

Another label I wear with pride is "civil libertarian." I believe in people's fundamental rights to personal and political self-determination, the right to be anonymous under many circumstances, and perhaps most of all the right to free speech throughout the world. I'm a strong supporter of "liberation technology" like Tor, although I think that the state of the art needs to be advanced meaningfully in the coming years.

I live in San Francisco with my wife Caroline. I'm currently the Director of Product Management for Ads and Pages at Facebook. Before that I founded and ran Blip for a while. Blip is now part of the Walt Disney Company. Right now I'm enjoying making ads on Facebook better.

I've started to blog a bit more lately.