Mike Hudack

My name is Mike. I live in London with my wife Caroline and our daughter Marla Mae.

I dropped out of high school when I was fifteen to work at a start-up. I've worked in technology ever since. Most recently I spent four and a half years as a Product Manager and Director of Product at Facebook.

I've started to keep a blog after a more than five year hiatus.

At Facebook

I joined Facebook to work on identity and privacy products. After the IPO, as revenue growth was decelerating, I was asked to join the Ads product team. I had the honor of leading the Ads product team in the critical months and years after the company's IPO.

After two and a half years on Ads I moved over to lead the Facebook Friend Sharing team. Friend Sharing is responsible for all of the content on Facebook that don't come from businesses and celebrities.

Before Facebook

Before Facebook I co-founded and led Blip, an online video company that's now part of The Walt Disney Corporation. Before Blip I worked for companies like the National Hockey League and Time Inc as a programmer and sysadmin.