Google Home pulls further ahead / by Mike Hudack

I’ve been saying it for a while: Google Home is going to win the home assistant battle. Google Home and Google Assistant will win because Google is better at conversational AI than Amazon and Apple, and will improve at a faster rate than either of them because of its huge data advantage.

Google Home can now tell who’s talking to it, and answer them differently. This is a huge deal. It’s a first step towards artificial assistants becoming truly conversational. It helps make them seem human-like. It’s also hugely practical: I want to hear my schedule when I ask, and my wife wants to hear hers when she asks.

There are lots of other things that Google Home already does better, but this is a first example of what will become an insurmountable strategic advantage. Further differentiation will follow, at accelerating pace, as Google’s expertise and data advantage compounds. This is because in AI applications data advantages lead to exponential improvement over time.